Mum branded ‘cheeky cow’ after telling woman her dog was ‘pooing everywhere’


Tracy Laylock couldn’t believe it when a dog walker branded her a ‘cheeky cow’, after she pointed out that her dog was ‘pooing everywhere’ further down the street.

A mum has revealed how she ended up in a bitter row with a stranger in the street, after pointing out a woman’s dog was pooing in the street.

Tracy Laylock was on her way to friend’s house in Caverswall in Stoke-on-Trent, when she noticed the dog relieving itself, and decided to warn the owner.

The mum-of-two says she told the female dog owner, “Duck, your dog’s pooing everywhere,” only to be called a “cheeky cow” by the stranger.

“I noticed this dog pooing and this woman was continuing to walk. The dog was that far behind her, and I didn’t know that she knew what it was doing. I was just saying, ‘Duck, your dog’s pooing everywhere,’ and she went off the handle.”

“She went, ‘I always pick up my poo, you cow’. I was just letting her know the dog was pooing. There was no malice in my voice. I was a bit annoyed but I carried on driving off. I looked at the camera and she was still standing there.

“Her attitude was pretty rank. It stank. There was no need for her to be so rude.”

Following the altercation, the 28-year-old decided to post a video of the exchange, which was recorded by her car’s dashcam, on YouTube, because she’s “sick of being disrespected.”

“I’ve got two of my own and one of my dogs was a little bit loose outside someone’s drive so I took the dogs back, got some Dettol spray and brush and scrubbed it off. I wouldn’t like that done outside my house,” Tracy continued.

“The point is if you have an animal you clean up after their mess. If her response was, ‘Okay, no worries I didn’t see the dog,’ fair enough. But she automatically started getting defensive and calling me names. Why? Why be so rude? I’m sick of it and it’s about time I make a stand.”