Cinema worker explains why you should never buy a medium-sized popcorn


If you’re planning to the flicks anytime soon, one cinema employee’s top tip has some advice that could help save money, and he went viral after sharing it on TikTok.

As any keen cinema-goer knows, over-priced popcorn and ice-cold drinks are the perfect accompaniment to any film.

But it does often feel like you need to take out a loan to do so – with cinemas shamelessly charging more than £6 for a medium-sized popcorn.

But one employee claims customers should never opt for the medium-sized popcorn – only the small or large.

June Long went viral on TikTok after he shared a behind-the-scenes video detailing his experience of working at a concession stand, selling popcorn and snacks.

The TikTok user created a series called ‘Secrets You Didn’t Know About The Movies’ – and his part one video racked up 9.3million hits.

The viral clip sees June perform some incredible acting, as he switches between customer and cinema worker effortlessly.

In it, he initially orders a small popcorn for $7.35 (£5.30) but changes his mind after getting it, and switches to medium size.

Demonstrating why the sizes are a scam, the cinema worker simply empties the small bag of popcorn into the medium container – and it is filled to the top.

The employee then cheekily charges extra for the same amount of food.

The clip has been viewed by millions of people – with many outraged at the ‘scam’.

One commented: “Medium is always a scam.”

Another added: “I”ve been telling people about this. It’s the same at McDonald’s when you order a milkshake. The medium isn’t any bigger, you’re getting the same amount.”

A third commented: “This happens at Starbucks too. Literally, it’s a half-inch difference between grande and venti. And ice is more than half your drink.”

One outraged cinema-goer added: “This feels like it should be illegal. I’m paying for a bigger size, I should be getting a bigger size.”

And one person summed up the truth, as they wrote: “If you’re not taking in your own food, you’re doing it wrong.”